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Can Remarketing Help Low Conversion Rates?

Remarketing advertising – advertisements that display repeatedly to website visitors – have the potential to drastically improve your PPC conversion rates over time. That’s especially true if you have products with high prices or long sales cycles, since prospects may leave your site and then return again later if they are prompted to do so.

One way to help this process along is to continually add new pieces of educational content to your website. Then, tie that content (whether it’s articles, white papers, etc.) to your remarketing ads, so that prospects are presented with new tools for learning with every subsequent visit to your website.

Remarketing = More Buyers

Remarketing is great for turning more searchers into buyers, but bringing visitors back to your homepage again and again isn’t an efficient strategy. Give them the information and advice they need as they go through their buying journey, and you’ll find that more of them will decide to work with you.