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Why So Many Online Marketers are Saying it in Video

First, video killed the radio star; now, it’s putting a lot of static websites out of business, too.

High-speed Internet that’s available almost anywhere, along with a near free-for-all on cameras and video editing software, are making streaming clips – both through sites like YouTube and on companies’ homepages – the “must-have” application of the last couple of years. But rest assured, this isn’t just a trend or fad… it’s a realization that video does a lot of things better than simple text, audio, or pictures can do on their own.

Consider these three reasons online video can have a stronger marketing impact than virtually anything else you can do:

It’s more memorable. Psychological studies have shown that we are 74% more likely to remember images with sound, rather than either one on its own. So, if you want people to keep you in mind, make it easy for them.

Video can go viral. YouTube announced earlier this year that it was showing more than 2 billion clips per day. Many of those are coming from people who see something that interests them and pass it along to friends or colleagues. Granted, this is possible with a piece of writing or song, but video makes the viral marketing process a lot easier.

You get more control over your message. Even the best writing is subject to scanning – readers tend to look ahead for parts they like, or topics that interest them. That’s great for them, but it can mean that the strongest parts of your marketing message get lost in the shuffle. With online video, viewers are more likely to watch front to back.

Website Videos Mean More Business

If you haven’t tried video on your website yet, now is a great time to check it out and see if it can make a difference in your business. It’s never been easier or more inexpensive to put your clips online, and it could help you reach potential customers in a whole new way.