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How COVID-19 is Affecting Online Marketing

You don’t need us to tell you that the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing everything about day-to-day life. What you might not have realized, though, is that the world of online marketing is being affected in a number of ways. Even more significantly, some of those changes might end up being permanent.

covid-19 online marketing

To give you some insights on why the shifts are so important, and what they might mean for your business in the long run, let’s take a few of them one by one. Here is what’s happening out there in the world of internet marketing…

Many Businesses Have Stopped Hunting for New Customers

Naturally, there are entire industries that are closed down right now, and it doesn’t make any sense to be marketing certain products or services. However, it’s also true that some companies are operating normally (or at least something close to normal capacity) but without any promotion.

This makes a certain kind of sense, in that it preserves time and money for projects that might seem more “essential.” However, in the long run, businesses that aren’t marketing to find new customers are going to lose ground to forward-thinking competitors. In other words, the companies making a bigger effort now are going to be the ones who come out of this crisis with more potential to grow in the future.

Fewer Dollars are Being Wasted on PPC and Internet Advertising

It’s hard to find anything good to say about a global pandemic, but if we were looking for the smallest silver lining, it might be that businesses of all sizes are getting smarter about expenses. Because they can’t waste money on failing campaigns, they are cutting back on wasteful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and internet advertising efforts.

These are marketing channels we use with our clients of course, so we don’t recommend avoiding them. What we are strict about is using any form of paid advertising in a careful and efficient way. There’s never a good time to waste money, especially when the current economy feels so strange and uncertain.

Marketers with a Clear and Consistent Approach to Email are Winning

For years we have been advising business owners and marketers to remember that email is a powerful and cost-effective tool for outreach. Now, the businesses that have invested time and money into their email lists are seeing the benefits.

When you have a large base of prospects or customers, you have the ability to let them know about changes in pricing or policy, as well as new products, specials, or procedures. In other words, dealing with a business environment like the one we currently have is much easier when you have a good email campaign in place. And, those advantages are going to continue to pay dividends when the economy improves.

The Smartest Businesses are Planning for the Inevitable Upturn

Speaking of economic improvement, things are going to get better at some point. That’s important to remember from the perspective of staying sane, but also in terms of planning future business and marketing opportunities.

The best companies are thinking about what their customers are going to want when money starts flowing more freely again. And, they are taking advantage of the current slowdown to prepare their campaigns and messaging so that they’ll be able to launch new promotions faster in the weeks and months ahead. There’s never a good time for a crisis, but the current state of affairs is going to create opportunities for the entrepreneurs and executives brave enough to peer into the future.

Is Your Organization Looking Forward or Backward?

Whether we are in the midst of an expansion or crisis, it’s the companies that move ahead and seize opportunities that will ultimately separate themselves from the pack. If you feel like your business is stuck in place, or that you don’t know what your next move looks like, then it’s time to schedule a free consultation with our team.

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