Weblinx, Incorporated

Driving Business to Your Website

For those of you who don’t know, SEO is a acronym for search engine optimization. When your website is properly optimized for search engines, it means that search engines will give it a higher ranking compared to non-optimized websites.

The focus of a correctly optimized website is focusing on those key phrases that relate to your business’ products, services, and the geographic areas from which you wish to draw business. There are many strategies that web developers use to get the best search engine ranking results. At Weblinx, we focus on four main areas when building an SEO friendly website:

1). Customer Input:

Explore what key phrases the customer wants to be found for and specifically what they think potential customers would be searching to find them. Find out specifically what products and services the customer wishes to promote.

2). Research:

Research company’s industry and look for additional key phrases or synonyms of key phrases. Research key phrase search volume and competition. Research competitors and their search engine placement of key phrases related to the particular industry.

3). Implementation:

Make suggestions on customer submitted site content to improve search engine results. One step further, hire a professional copywriter who understands keyword density and most desirable amount of content related to key topic areas. Create unique page titles for each page using key phrase research. Create meta description for each page using key phrase research. Create ALT tags and title tags on all images and links on the site. Create XML sitemap and submit to search engines.

4). Follow Through:

Review search engine placement over next 30 days + to ensure solid ranking results.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and in order to drive more business to your website, it is important to have good, relevant, and key phrase rich content to ensure optimum search engine results. This means if your web page has 100 words, 4 or 5 of them should be relevant key words. Weblinx offers website analysis packages with the objective of increasing traffic flow to your website and maximizing conversion ratios. We will also make interface, content, and SEO recommendations in order to drive more business to your site.