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5 Things Your Web Developer Wants You to Know

Most of the time, web developers ask business owners and executives for their thoughts and ideas. Our job is to translate their needs and visions into a functional website that helps the company grow. In order to do that we have to interview carefully and think about the answers.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t things your web development team wishes you knew, however. If clients were more informed about our work, it would be easier for us to help them get results.

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With that in mind, we want to use today’s post to bring up five things your web developer probably wishes you were aware of…

#1 Web Design and Web Development are Different

The first thing to note is that web design and web development are technically different things. Design refers to the visual elements of your site, whereas development has to do with programming different features. A lot of creative firms (and clients) will use these terms interchangeably and your vendor can probably handle both. Still, it’s good to know the distinction.

#2 Web Development is a Tool, Not a Trick

It’s easy for business executives – especially for those without technical backgrounds – to become dazzled by all the possibilities of web development. That’s great, but you want to stay focused on what it can do to help you grow revenue and cut costs. In other words, look for tools that will improve your company, not just tricks that are impressive but don’t add anything to your organization.

#3 We Can Do More Than Most Business Owners Imagine

If there is one big mistake that business types make about web development, it’s underestimating the possibilities. There are literally hundreds of ways we can help you to increase sales, cut costs, automate repetitive tasks, and better manage the data coming in and out of your company. In addition to asking for specific requests, don’t forget to have your web development team make suggestions after they’ve gotten to know your company.

#4 Web Development Isn’t Fast or Cheap

It’s a common misconception that web development is expensive, or that it’s all outsourced to overseas firms. As a skill that has both artistic and technical elements, it’s best handled by experienced professionals who know how to work efficiently. That way you can get the programming you need without unanticipated errors, costs, or setbacks.

#5 Great Web Development is a Bargain

We just made the point that web development does require an investment for your marketing budget, but that’s not the end of the story. Once that money leaves your marketing budget you might be amazed at the ROI that can be generated. In fact, once you start seeing the bottom-line improvements that come with the right programming in one part of your website, you’ll probably start looking for other areas where web development can help your business grow.

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