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The Art of Separating Yourself From Competitors

Much has been made of the fact that a business can reach out to virtually anyone in the digital age. You can cultivate customers down the street, or market your business to a niche audience across the globe. It’s entirely up to you.

This convenience works both ways, however. In the same way that you can reach out to an ever-growing numbers of buyers, customers have many more choices than they used to. Your closest competitor is no longer in another state or country; instead, they are just a click away.

That means it’s important for you to separate yourself from your online competitors. Here are a handful of tools you can use to do exactly that…

custom web design

Custom Web Design

Humans are visual creatures. You don’t want your website to look like all the other websites in your industry. If it does, that just confirms to buyers (in an instant) that your company is the same as all the others.

Work with a web design team who can take your distinctive style and personality and translate it into a layout that conveys exactly who you are. Custom web design is all about differentiating yourself in the market so there can be no doubt about what it is that makes your business so special. Don’t settle for anything less.

Niche Marketing

In today’s business world, industries and markets have gotten smaller. For every type of company out there, there are numerous subsets. Yours is likely no different – there is probably some part of your customer base that you appeal to an particularly strong and compelling way.

To stand out from your competitors, you have to know who those people are, what they want, and where they spend their time online. When you have that information, you know where to place your ads and which platforms deserve your attention and focus. Concentrate on marketing to niche groups. It’s easier and more profitable than trying to reach out to every buyer under the sun.

Unique Messaging

When you understand how your company fits into the business, and which customers you are trying to attract, it gets a lot easier to put together messaging that moves prospects to action. You know how to speak their language and address their concerns, so your content becomes more persuasive.

Once you develop that kind of highly-targeted messaging, you can use it on your website, your blog, your email newsletter, and even your social media profiles. Spend the time honing your marketing voice, because it gives you an advantage your competitors probably can’t duplicate.

Incredible Offers

At the heart of your Internet marketing campaigns should be some incredible offer that feels too good for your target audience to pass up. It could be a free sample, one-time discount, a free information guide, or something else altogether. The point is to show them something that they simply can’t say “no” to. That’s the key to generating conversions online.

Know that you might have to go through a few different versions of your message or offer before you find the right one. If you understand your business and your audience, though, and are willing to do a bit of testing, we promise you’ll get there.

You May Get One Chance

When someone visits your website for the first time, you only have a moment to make a great first impression. So, use these advantages as the centerpiece of your online marketing strategy. Know who your customers are, what they want, and how you can convince them to take the next action. Do that, and the competition will suddenly feel as if they can never catch up to you – online or off.