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Improve Your Holiday Season PPC Campaigns

The holiday e-commerce season is here, and for a lot of online marketers, that means ramping up pay-per-click advertisements in an effort to bring in new shoppers. But we want to make sure you’re doing things the smart way.

While a lot of businesses will simply double or triple their bid prices to maintain top positions through the season, there is a more efficient way to make the most of your holiday marketing budget. Instead of just spending more, why not focus on tightening up your ad groups and landing pages for different segments of the market?

Save Thousands on PPC This Holiday Season

If you run pay-per-click search advertising during past holiday shopping seasons (or even throughout the year), you might be tempted to simply repeat those campaigns again this year and hope for the same results.

However, that could be a big mistake.

No matter how successful your search marketing efforts were in the past, continual refinement is important if you’re going to achieve the right results. Some of that refinement is about attracting more customers through fresh keywords and ads, of course, but removing poor prospects from your ad campaigns is just as critical.

This year, we invite you to be more aggressive about tweaking your campaign settings (for things like timing, language, and location), while making better use of negative keywords. The point is to have your ads be shown to fewer and fewer people who don’t stand a very good chance of buying from you.

It can be tempting to “set and forget” your pay-per-click campaigns, but that’s no way to get great results. Save yourself a lot of money by ensuring your ads aren’t being shown to the wrong buyers this holiday season.

Doing so takes a bit of time and effort, but that can sometimes be better than spending a lot of money. If you’d like to start using efficiency, instead of your marketing budget, to achieve better pay-per-click results this holiday season, contact Weblinx today at 630-551-0334 x1 and see how we can help.