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Building the Perfect Community Festival Website

A community festival or fair can be a wonderful thing, but only if people are aware of the event, decide to show up and get involved.

That’s where your festival or fair web design comes into play. There is no tool that’s as cost-effective as a great web presence when it comes to spreading the news about your event and giving the public access to the proper details.

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Today, we want to share some of our top tips for creating the perfect community festival website, based on years of experience working in the web design and online marketing industry…

Make Dates and Locations Easy to Find

Naturally, one of your festival website’s first jobs will be to let attendees know when and where to show up. Unfortunately, some planners will bury this information on a part of a website that is difficult to find.

Make sure you have the relevant details prominently displayed on every page so you don’t miss out on visitors who would like to check out your festival or fair.

Choose a Mobile-First Web Design

More than half the people who are on the internet at any given time are accessing the web through a phone or tablet. And, you can bet some attendees will be checking out your festival website at the last minute while they’re on the go.

For those reasons, it’s important that your design and coding should be mobile-first if you’re to maximize turnout.

Use Lots of Pictures to Promote the Event

People love seeing visuals. That’s because pictures convey context and emotion much better than text. So, if you have photos from a previous event, be sure to make them a centerpiece of your festival website design. If you don’t, you can use snaps of performers or attractions in their place.

Either way, you’ll want lots of photos on your festival or fair website to build interest in the event.

Highlight any Special Performers or Attractions

Speaking of performers and attractions, remember that big names can be a draw on their own. So, if you’re going to have prominent people show up at your fair – or are planning on having something special (like rides, art displays, or animals) don’t keep it a secret.

Be Sure to Give Your Sponsors Some Visibility

Do you have business or community sponsors for your festival? If so, display their logos on your website. Also, consider offering downloadable versions of coupons, QR codes, or other special incentives they include as part of their promotions.

These have value to your attendees and make contributions to your festival a better investment for your sponsors.

Don’t Forget the Details

Planning is always invaluable, especially when you’re trying to bring large groups of people together into a single place. So, the more information you can give attendees about parking, registration, and events or exhibits on your community festival website, the smoother things will go once people actually arrive.

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Need a Great Festival Website?

At Weblinx, we can help you create an effective and affordable festival or fair website for virtually any type of occasion or event. Contact us today at 630-551-0334 x1 so we can show you samples of our work and help you find the answers you need!