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Reputation Management is Worth the Effort

Do you really need to worry about things like online reputation management? Does it really matter, if a lot of your customers aren’t coming from your website, much less social media sites or search engines?

You might think that would make it safe to ignore reputation management, but you would be wrong. Here is why: Even if most of your customers aren’t coming from the Internet, they are checking you out there.

See, that’s because, especially in this age of smart phones and web-ready mobile devices, the tendency of new customers is to Google your company’s name, or your own name, before getting in touch with you. That means that whatever they find online about you and your business is likely to be more important than anything you could say, since they are going online first and put a lot of value in third-party reviews and opinions.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management can make or break your business, even if Internet marketing isn’t a big part of your business-building strategy. Understand that and pay attention to what others are saying about you online – it’s a sure bet that your future customers will be.