Weblinx, Incorporated

Mobile Websites

With the incredible sales of the new iPhone, it’s worth thinking about how to best connect with people who use mobile phones who can benefit from the products and services your company offers.

Here are just a few questions that are worth asking.

Would current and potential customers benefit from having a website that is designed specifically for mobile phones?

Would those current and potential customers benefit from having your entire website designed for their mobile phone, or are they just looking for specific information (hours, location, phone number, e-mail address) that could be on a Home Page for mobile users?

How can you streamline the design and functionality of your website so it will be effective for mobile phones and still communicate your brand and the information current and potential customers need?

Mobile First Web Design

There can be great potential with Responsive Mobile Websites. Talking with someone you can trust is a great first step to figuring out the potential for you – and how to take advantage of it.