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How to Save Money on Web Design Without Sacrificing ROI

Savvy and successful business owners know how to save money without being cheap.

That’s an important distinction when you’re making investments in your company, and particularly when it comes to web design. You certainly don’t want to break the bank or go over budget just to get your website online. At the same time, though, it’s important to cut costs the right way if you don’t want to sacrifice online marketing power.

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Because we understand this can be a fine line to walk, particularly if you aren’t an industry insider, let’s look at how you can save money on web design without sacrificing your potential for a high ROI later…

Identify the Features You Actually Need

Often, business executives come to us with big “wish lists” of website features that look great on paper but won’t actually help them to reach their goals. You don’t necessarily need to have every feature or widget your competitors use – the goal of your website is to boost sales and save money for your company. A good web design team can help you figure out which features (and expenses) will pay for themselves later.

Have Your Website Built in Stages

If scaling back your website isn’t a possibility, think about what you can do to break the project (and invoices) into distinct steps. For instance, you might begin with a redesign of your current website that’s easier to access through mobile devices and local search. Then, after that phase of the project starts to show results, you could integrate more tools or pages when you need to grow. In that way, the web design and development process can pay for itself pretty quickly after your initial investment.

Work With an Efficient Team

There is a lot of variability in the market when it comes to web design fees. One thing we like to remind new clients about is the need to minimize overhead. We don’t have the largest or fanciest offices because we don’t want to pass those expenses on to the organizations we work with. By finding a web design team that stays lean and mean you can keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of the work you receive.

Make a Longer-Term Commitment

By finding a great web design vendor and committing to work with them over time you give yourself a few important advantages. First, companies like ours may offer you a discounted rate for a bigger project. More importantly, though, is that effective design, development, and content marketing strategies can take months to develop. By seeing the process through, you will massively increase the odds that your campaigns will be successful in the end.

Need Help With Your Marketing Budget and Strategy?

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