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3 Things That Make a Mobile Friendly Website Great

By now, you undoubtedly know how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website that customers smart phones or tablets can access. If you don’t, you’re likely to be ignored by online and real-world buyers alike.

What sometimes gets lost in this reality, however, is the fact that not all mobile compatible websites are the same. It’s one thing to say your pages will load correctly on the small screen, and another one to say you’re doing all you can to encourage mobile buyers to use your pages and complete purchases.

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Opting for responsive web design, for instance, is a great first step. But, you can go farther if you want to stay on the cutting edge of web design. To help nudge you in the right direction, today we want to share three things that make a mobile-friendly website great:

#1 Speed

Web pages that load quickly are a delight to mobile users. Sites that are slow are likely to be abandoned and ignored. Some marketers overlook this fact because there are so many high-speed connections available around the country. However, that won’t help you if your site is the bottleneck that slows customers down.

Website speed is usually a function of two things: the design that has been put into place and the quality of your web hosting. Issues with either one can be resolved quickly and inexpensively, but only if you pay attention to the problem.

#2 Simplicity

Mobile users don’t like complicated websites. Actually, you’ll find very few types of searchers and customers who do, even if they are using traditional laptop or desktop computers. However, they are that much more frustrating when you’re tapping with a finger on a small screen rather than using a mouse and full-sized monitor.

To achieve simplicity on your website, get good at organizing information in a logical fashion. Clean up your navigation menus and make sure each page has one clear message, point, and conversion goal. By streamlining your content in that way, you’ll make your website much easier to use and appreciate.

#3 Usability

Usability is a big topic in web design, but in this context it refers to the ease of interacting with your pages. In the same way that you want your navigation to be simple, finding resources or contacting your company should be straightforward, too.

That means using images that are easy to zoom in on, avoiding long blocks of unbroken text, and creating forms that require minimal input. Keep those simple principles in mind and you’ll avoid having a site that’s a chore for mobile visitors to use.

The best part about these three features is that they don’t only help you with mobile compatibility, but also with the general flow and value of your website as a whole. In other words, the more you integrate speed, simplicity, and usability into your web presence, the better you’re going to do with customers of all stripes regardless of what type of screen or device they might be using.

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