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How to Interview a Web Designer or Creative Team

You probably have plenty of experience interviewing employees and contractors. You know what you need, how much you can pay, and which questions to ask. From there, making the right decision is largely a matter of listening and looking for the right personal traits.

Interviewing web designers and creative teams can present a bit of a challenge for business owners and marketers, however. That’s because the dynamic they’re used to is reversed in many ways. Businesspeople tend not to know a great deal about web design and development, so they aren’t sure what to ask. In many times, there is a whole team present, so it can be tough to gauge the personality and communication styles of any one individual.

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How can someone make a good decision and investment in that kind of setting? In order to help you get the artistic talent and technical expertise you need, here is our quick guide to interviewing web designers and creative teams…

Check Their References

Of course, any vendor you meet with is going to be on their best behavior during the interview. For that reason, you might want to follow up and speak with a few of their previous clients. They’ll be able to give you some insights into things like pricing, punctuality, and communication. Those might seem like minor details in the beginning, but they matter a lot when you’re working together to build new website.

Script Out Your Questions

It’s easy, when you’re looking at web design portfolios and hearing about lots of new ideas, to forget what you want to ask in the first place. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a small slip of paper (or a reminder on your phone) with a couple of important questions. A few minutes of preparation will stop you from leaving the meeting without the details you really need.

Trust Your Instincts

The best web designers are competent, friendly professionals who know what they are doing. They won’t have to dodge your questions or rush you into making any kind of commitment. They should make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you meet with someone who you aren’t comfortable with, on the other hand, trust your gut and take your business elsewhere.

Get a Formal Proposal

No matter how well your interview goes, always take a close look at a formal proposal before agreeing to anything. You’ll want to ensure you understand the terms provided, and that everything you need is included in the price you’re going to pay. It’s best to clear up any misconceptions in the beginning, so take a few minutes with the fine print prior to signing a web design contract.

Meet Face to Face When Possible

While a lot of your day-to-day communications might be conducted through email or over the phone, you may want to meet your web design team before they get to work. The personal touch makes communication and understanding a lot easier, and you want them to know exactly what your needs are before they put a single pixel in the place.

Don’t be intimidated about the idea of interviewing a creative team for your next project. The best ones will make the process easy, and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Follow these steps, while refusing to work with anyone who makes you feel pressured, and you’ll find a great creative partner in no time.

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