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Why HTML5 Really is a Big Deal in Business Web Design

We’ll be the first to admit that not everything that’s a “big deal” in business web design turns out to actually be a big deal. Or, more to the point, that a lot of new and exciting things are quickly replaced by other new and exciting things that seem to replace the ones that came before pretty quickly.

And so, if you found yourself rolling your eyes the last time a web designer or developer talked to you about HTML5, we completely understand. As it turns out, though, it really is something that’s exciting and better… and well worth the investment on your next business website.

To understand why, you have to realize that HTML5 is the result of years of study and development aimed at making the web faster, more accessible, and less error-prone. The result is an entirely new way of coding websites, and one that isn’t just more efficient, but leaves you with a better end result.

In other words, it isn’t just the latest way to build a website, but also the new best. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why:

HTML5 uses simpler code

While you might think that’s a big benefit for designers, not clients, you’d only be half right. Simpler coding means that it’s quicker to find issues, make edits, and change pages. In other words, it makes the process of updating and improving your business website easier and faster.

HTML5 produces fewer errors

Because it allows for certain items (like online videos and social media links) to be tagged and embedded easily, HTML5 works seamlessly with modern browsers. That means fewer errors, fewer browser crashes, and fewer people clicking away from your business website.

HTML5 is more compatible.

HTML5 goes hand in hand with responsive web design, making it easier for you to build one single high-quality business website and have it display correctly across any number of different platforms. So, whether customers are coming to you via desktop computers, smart phones, or anything in between, you can be sure they’ll have access to your content.

As business web designers, we get excited about HTML5 because it makes our jobs and lives easier; as a business owner or executive, you should be excited about it because it means an easier way to get a more profitable, longer-lasting web presence. Not every new and exciting web technology that comes around can make a nearly instant impact on your bottom line, but HTML5 can.

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