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The Engineering Website Design Details You Can’t Afford to Miss

Here’s a riddle for you: if a great engineering firm is masterful at designing solutions and solving problems, but does a poor job of marketing their skills, how long will they stay in business?

It’s ironic, but the most profitable engineering firms – and the ones that get the best projects – aren’t necessarily the teams with the brightest minds or the best work ethic. Instead, it’s the companies that know how to promote themselves that come out on top.
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We want to see you get the credit, claim, and new clients that you deserve. That’s why we’re going to share four things that absolutely need to be on every engineering website:

Engineering Firm Capabilities

Every engineering company we’ve ever worked with has had a unique set of strengths. Make sure you convey to your web design team what kinds of projects and capabilities are a good match for what you do, and then see those advantages come through clearly on every page.

Detailed Principal Bios

Whether it’s a big project or small one, clients always want to know about the engineers who are in charge of the company. They know that leaders set the tone for everyone else to follow, so make sure that the firm’s principals have detailed bios that cover important career highlights and a few personal anecdotes.

Case Studies and Success Stories

If you’ve done great work in the past, don’t keep it a secret. Not everyone will bother reading detailed case studies, but potential clients who are serious about awarding you big contracts will. So, be precise and let them know exactly what you’ve done to help other clients in the past.

A Philosophy or Point of View

Great engineering isn’t just about technical solutions – there is also an element of creativity and philosophy involved. If you have a specific point of view that affects the way you approach new projects, tell that story on your engineering website.

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