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7 Ways to Adjust Your Web Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the reality of the coronavirus epidemic comes into focus, business owners and professionals are realizing that they don’t just have to worry about themselves and their loved ones, but also their organizations. So, while consulting your web design team might not seem like a top priority right now, it’s something you should definitely consider.

coronavirus website strategy

In just a couple of short weeks we’ve seen meetings and conferences disappear, cafés and theaters shutter, and individuals look for ways to minimize contact with crowds. All of this means business is going to change for the immediate future. And, it means your website is going to be an even more crucial piece in your sales and marketing puzzle.

With that in mind, let’s look at seven ways you might want to adjust your web strategy for the coronavirus pandemic…

#1 Upgrade Your Website’s Ecommerce Capabilities

While grocery stores are being swamped, the common expectation is that people are going to do what they can to avoid shopping areas. So, if you have products to sell this is a good time to upgrade your online store. With better inventory, marketing, and pricing features you might be able to replace revenue lost from retail locations with improved ecommerce performance.

#2 Create More Online Videos and Presentations

Millions of businesses that rely on personal demos, face-to-face presentations, and trade shows are being put in a tough spot by the sudden move away from travel and personal interactions. One way to overcome the issue is to upload more online videos and presentations to your website. If that’s not possible, you can at least invest a small amount in better communications and videoconferencing tools.

#3 Enhance Employee Intranet Features

If you have an employee’s-only section of your website, now is the time to make use of it. Integrate features like slack chats, file-sharing apps, and remote scheduling tools. It’s crucial that you and your team stay in touch and on top of the details, particularly when employees and family members may become ill or unable to come to the office because of other disruptions.

#4 Update Inventory, Scheduling, and Logistical Details

It’s perhaps inevitable that some parts of your business (like supply chains, or hours of availability) are going to be affected in unpredictable ways. Customers will understand this, but you should do everything you can to give them accurate information on your website. That will help keep your business running, of course, but also keep your credibility with buyers intact.

#5 Scrutinize Your PPC and Internet Ad Campaigns

Leading economists expect that the coronavirus pandemic will trigger a short-term economic downturn. At the very least, buying patterns are going to change. With that in mind, this is a good time to review your online advertising expenses. Keep a close eye on your analytics over the next few weeks and pause any campaigns that aren’t showing positive returns for the time being.

#6 Gather Up Important Passwords and Details

In lots of businesses, there is a single person that knows everything related to the website and technology. However, if that individual becomes ill, or is unreachable because they are caring for a loved one, numerous problems can arise. Head off that eventuality by making a master list of important passwords and details and then storing it in a safe place.

#7 Use Email or Text Messages to Stay in Touch

This is the time when your customers, employees, and vendors need to hear from you more often. Use your email newsletter to inform them about any developments, policy changes, or shifts in the business. You can even let them know that you are working as normal. Either way, keep in touch so they can know what to expect from your company as the situation changes.

Need Help Setting the Right Strategy During This Crisis?

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