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Joomla for Your Next Business Website?

If you are thinking about upgrading your business website (or launching a new one), then you can bet that your business web design team is going to talk to you about implementing a content management system (or CMS for short).

There are a lot of great reasons for this, and you have probably heard many of them before. A good CMS doesn’t just make it easier to maintain your site while keeping its overall look and navigation structure, but also makes it last a lot longer and increases the ROI you get from your web presence.

While convincing business owners and executives that a CMS is a “must have” is relatively simple, however, answering their questions about which CMS to choose gets to be a lot more complicated. That’s because there are lots and lots of them out there, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, of course, we’ll work with clients to help them find the content management system that’s right for them. Still, it helps to know a little bit about your options. With that in mind, we’ll look today at one system that’s currently being used on more than 10 million sites worldwide – Joomla!

Like WordPress, Joomla! is an extremely popular, open-source software platform, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything for access to the system itself. That can help keep business web design costs down, of course, but also invites a large, active community of developers. This gives Joomla! a few distinct advantages as the CMS of choice for all kinds of business websites:

Low costs.

As we mentioned, Joomla! itself is free. What’s more, there are thousands of extensions and plug-ins that work with it, and these tend to be either free or low-cost as well.

Less-restrictive programming.

Because Joomla! is loved by so many developers, it has grown and expanded to the point where it can support almost any type of site or functionality. So, if you’re looking to build an unusual app or key feature, it might be the way to go.

Quick setup and customization.

Designers who are experienced with the Joomla! interface can use it to quickly set up new sites and get them online. Time is money, and we know business owners and executives are often eager to see their new sites go online. Joomla! can help speed things up.

As we’ve already mentioned, Joomla! is just one of the popular content management systems available today. Wonderful as it is, it may or may not be the right choice for your business website. Talking to an experienced design team is the best way to get the answers you really need.

Want to know more about Joomla!, content management systems, or business web design and online marketing in general? Contact Weblinx today to set up a free consultation, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.