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5 Things That Make a First-Time Web Visitor Leave

In order for your website to do its job, it has to not only attract visitors but keep them on your pages. That’s not always easy to do, though, when your competitors – not to mention fun websites, social media profiles, and viral content – are all just a click away.

If you notice (through your web analytics package) that potential customers are leaving your site too fast, without finding out all the great things your business has to offer, it probably comes down to one of a few common reasons. Here are five things that make a first-time visitor to your website leave:

1. Unclear navigation

The Internet puts a lot of information at our fingertips, but it has also made us impatient. If visitors can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they are likely to become frustrated and start searching elsewhere. That means a clear navigation structure, and possibly a “search” box, is important to keeping people in your site.

2. Too much of everything

Do your web pages look overwhelming to someone who hasn’t used your site before? Lots of potential customers will leave before reading or viewing anything if there appears to be too many choices or options to struggle with, so give each page a clear topic, focus, and next step for the visitor.

3. Bad spelling and grammar

When the content on your web pages is full of misspellings, obvious grammatical errors, and other basic communication challenges, it sends a clear message that you aren’t a serious or professional organization. In other words, bad spelling and grammar diminish your credibility and tell people they can’t trust you to follow through after they’ve given you their money.

4. A hard sell

Most people who come to your website for the first time are looking for information, even if they are ultimately planning to make a purchase or start a business relationship. If you “come on too strong,” and your sales message gets in the way of that information, they’ll probably take their attention elsewhere.

5. The wrong fit

Sometimes, your company or website just isn’t a good fit for what the searcher was actually looking for. That could point to a need for an adjustment in your keyword strategy, but it’s not necessarily a terrible thing – your website is never going to be a perfect match for all potential buyers. Don’t worry about winning every single visitor over because that’s never going to be possible.

Understanding why people leave your website is a good first step toward finding ways to get them to stick on your pages for a while (and ultimately turn themselves into leads or customers). Take a look at these five problems and determine whether any of them is affecting your site… and what you’re going to do about it if one is.

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