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5 2015 Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

With each new year, we see another set of web design trends take shape. That’s a great thing for us and our clients, since it means people are always coming up with plenty of new ways to find and attract customers over the Internet.

To give you a sense of what’s hot right now, here are five major web design trends that are either picking up steam or still rolling strong in 2015:

1. Responsive design goes mainstream.

Web design firms like ours have been talking about the benefits of responsive web design for a few years now. Finally, in 2015 we are seeing businesses of all shapes and sizes take note. If buyers can’t reach you through smartphones and tablets, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market.

2. Video on landing pages.

If there is one thing most online marketing experts can agree upon, it’s that putting videos on your landing pages dramatically increases conversion rates. Is it time to try clips on your website?

3. Interactive web elements.

With high-speed web connections available almost anywhere, and web browsers able to handle advanced code more cleanly (more on that in a second), it’s never been easier to make your web presence interactive. From changing images to disintegrating buttons and more, you can let visitors do more with your website than ever before.

4. Bigger, bolder, and simpler pages.

Current design trends are taking us away from complicated pages filled with long blocks of text. Instead, a lot of smart companies are going for big pages with striking images and simple messages. These resonate with visitors who want to get to the point quickly.

5. More compatibility across browsers.

A lot of old browsers are going away, and newer Google Chrome-style replacements are doing a better job handling things like embedded video and scripts. That means you can focus on getting a great site, not fine-tuning your programming for one platform or another.

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