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3 Reasons Your Business Should Have an Online Newsletter

As marketing tools go, few are as widespread – or effective – as having an online newsletter that goes out to your customers and interested prospects every month. Here are three reasons you should probably think about starting one if you haven’t already:

It keeps you on your customer’s radar. Even if your buyers don’t read your newsletter every month, seeing it in their inbox reminds them that you’re out there, ready to serve them when they have the need. That way, you’ll be the first vendor they think of when it’s time to make their next purchase.

Newsletters can show off your helpful side. Advertising specials is great, but by including helpful articles and tips, you can gain a reputation as more than just another person or business, and start getting people to think of you as a trusted resource. That leads to bigger orders and repeat purchases in the future.

You’ll go a long way towards recouping lost sales. If you have customers who haven’t bought in a while, or never finished their first order, keeping them on your newsletter list is a great way to slowly bring them back. It’s very likely that, after a few months of hearing from you, they’ll decide to open their account or make a new purchase.

Online Newsletters Mean Business

Given that online newsletters bring you all of these great bottom-line benefits, while costing you almost nothing to put together, it only makes sense for most businesses to use one. So, if you haven’t tried keeping in touch with your customers before, give it a shot and see how easy it is to increase your online profitability in a snap.