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5 Pro-Level Tips That Make Content Marketing Easier

Do you love the idea of content marketing, but are constantly put off creating new articles and videos? Intrigued by the idea of dominating on Google and generating inbound leads but aren’t sure where you would start when it comes to writing or creating videos?

If these notions sound familiar to you, you certainly aren’t alone – we talk with business professionals every week who are struggling with the same problems. For those who don’t work in the creative industry like we do, generating content can feel like a chore. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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In today’s post, we want to share five pro-level tips that make content marketing exponentially easier:

#1 Invest in the Right Tools for Yourself or Your Team

It’s much, much easier to generate articles, videos, and other pieces of content when you have the right tools. That could include an ergonomic keyboard, a high-quality camera, or just a few lights you can put up around the office. Anything that makes the job easier and encourages you to keep moving is worth consideration. In some cases (as with cameras and editing equipment) the quality of your tools can even affect the way potential clients will feel about finished product.

#2 Set up a Studio or Workspace

One of the easiest ways to speed up the content creation process is to set up a dedicated studio or workspace. This can be as simple as a corner of your office you keep clean and well lit. You might even write articles at a local coffee shop. Having a dedicated place for video work or typing can help you get away from normal distractions. It also reinforces the habit, so that when you show up in your studio or writing space, you’ll automatically start feeling more creative over time.

#3 Work From Scripts and Outlines

A lot of businesspeople think creating content is virtually impossible because they are used to doing it the hard way. Here is a secret: it’s difficult for anyone to create a video when they’re staring at a blank page or trying to come up with something off the top of their minds. That’s why those of us who have to come up with content for a living always work from outlines, scripts, calendars, and notes. You should do the same if you want to take the stress out of the process.

#4 Create Content in Chunks

You certainly could write articles or record videos one at a time, but we wouldn’t recommend it. By batching the job make it easier to set up, create those outlines we mentioned, and do your editing while you have the right materials in front of you. Additionally, by writing or shooting different pieces of content in groups, you make it easier to put yourself into a creative flow. It might feel like a chore at first, but once you settle into a rhythm the pieces will just start to fall in place.

#5 Make Content Creation a Regular Habit

Creating content isn’t so much an action as it is a habit. The more often you write and perform other artistic tasks, the easier they become. While it’s true that professional content creators often have talent and tools on their side, probably their biggest advantage is simply being consistent with their efforts. You might be amazed at just how much you can get done – and how much better you feel about creating blog posts, video clips, and other forms of content – once you are working on them every week.

Want Pro-Level Help With Your Content Marketing?

Of course, the ultimate way to master content marketing is to outsource the job to a competent team of professionals. Then, you aren’t just getting great content that will help with search engine optimization and online lead generation, but you’re also getting it without having to devote too much of your own schedule to the job.

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