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4 Things That Make up the Perfect Custom Web Layout

Believe it or not, one of the things that makes business web design a bit of a challenge is finding the difference between very good and out of this world. That’s because, as creative professionals, we know what it takes to put together a stunning layout. Still, it’s the process of matching that layout to your company’s goals, background, and personality that’s truly important.

In other words, the perfect site is the one that’s perfect for your business and no other.

Since that can change so much from one client to the next, we have to rely to a certain degree on their input to find the perfect balance. That’s where you come in. Here are four things to look for in a custom web layout that take it from being simply great to better than you could have expected:

1. The right personality. Although the “personality” of your business website might be the hardest thing to quantify, it’s also one of the easiest details to spot. Are you looking for something edgy, or is your company conservative? Does the layout strike you as being engaging, or simply informative? What sort of feeling does it evoke? You might not have definite answers to these questions, but what’s important isn’t that it spells out the tone you’re looking for, just that it matches your company’s brand and way of doing business.

2. Color combinations. Color combinations are more straightforward. While certain groupings (like yellow with red, for example) tend to be more aggressive, blues and greens can feel calm and steady. And of course, lots of clients like white space on their websites, too. What matters is that you like the color combinations being used, and that they do a good job of matching up with your existing branding pieces, especially logos.

3. Usability. Once upon a time, any business website that was visually striking was generally considered to be pretty good. Now, with customers no longer having time to surf through endless numbers of pages, usability – the ease of which visitors can find what they’re looking for – has come into vogue, and probably isn’t going away anytime soon. Although any reputable business web design team will undoubtedly place a premium on usability already, it’s worth thinking about as you look through the layout. Does your website looks like one you would want to visit if you are in a hurry?

4. Innovation. When it comes to business web design, creativity can be a funny thing. Too little of it leaves you looking just like the competition, while too much of it can be unconventional to the point of hurting profitability. It’s up to you and your business web design team to find the right balance between those two extremes, but let your company’s place in the market be your guide. If your business is known for “marching to the beat of a different drummer,” then it’s probably okay to be a bit different. If you’re a little more traditional, on the other hand, don’t give visitors too much of what they wouldn’t expect.

The Perfect Website Design

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