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Is It Socially Acceptable to Outsource Social Media?

A growing number of celebrities – and most recently Ashton Kutcher, following the news of his divorce – are admitting that they receive “editorial assistance” with their social media communications. In other words, they’re getting professionals to help them write and post Facebook updates, tweets, and things like blog posts.

This is really nothing new – busy professionals and public personalities have been using ghost writers for more than a century – but it still strikes a strange chord, given that so much of social networking seems “personal.” Should you consider following their example? Is that something that’s likely to anger your customers?

It’s safe to assume that most buyers can understand if you are relying on an assistant or vendor to help you keep up with your social media marketing. If anything, it makes you seem a little more composed and important to have another person taking down your thoughts.

At the same time, full disclosure is almost always the best policy. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the fact that you’re not the only person posting to your social media accounts, even though the ideas are originating from you. You could even designate messages or tweets with initials, if that helps to clear up the confusion.

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As time goes on, and social media marketing keeps getting to be more important, you can bet that there will be an increase in outsourced social media. While it might not be as personal as we would all like, it’s certainly a lot more effective than not participating at all.