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Are All Your Internet Marketing Eggs in One Basket?

One of the easiest ways to be successful in Internet marketing – or any part of business – is to find something that works and keep doing it. When you can figure out what your winning formula is for bringing in new customers, it only makes sense to keep pushing forward.

One thing to be careful about, however, is relying too much on any particular tactic or strategy. While you always want to make the most of your opportunities, you never want to be dependent on one source of traffic or sales.

This is because, in the digital age, things can change in the blink of an eye. Concepts that seem like they’ll never fade or go away can disappear in an instant. For a few quick examples, we only need to look back in the rearview mirror. For instance, you might remember that:

1) America Online was once the number one way to access the web for millions of people.

2) The Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates wiped out traffic to hundreds of thousands of previously-popular websites overnight.

3) MySpace was once the undisputed leader in social media, but is barely used by anyone now.

4) Ad-blocking software is being installed by thousands of people a day, taking away the effectiveness of search and social PPC campaigns.

Because we live with these realities now, we tend to forget how crazy it might have seemed to predict them as coming trends in the past. Sadly, many of the marketers who depended on these channels probably didn’t think very far ahead and plan for what might happen if they disappeared.

Diversify your Internet Marketing

No one can know the future, and there certainly no reason to think Google or Facebook are going to stop being viable marketing channels in the near future. Still, it’s smart to diversify your campaigns and ensure that you’re never overly-reliant on any one source of business online. Once that happens, you’re really just tempting fate.