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Your Blueprint for a Winning Custom Homebuilders Website

Custom Homebuilders need websites, of course, but they don’t necessarily need the same kind of websites other businesses use. After all, a home isn’t like any other product – it’s something people will spend a huge portion of their day-to-day lives in, and a big chunk of their money on.

Because we have a lot of experience in this area, let us share our blueprint for a great homebuilders website:

Give homebuyers the vitals first.

Every homebuyer has a certain set of criteria they want to adhere to, especially around price, location, and square footage. By making this information prominent on your website, you’ll make it more likely searchers can find what they’re looking for (and ultimately choose one of your homes) more quickly, in addition to helping your search engine visibility.

Use pictures to tell a story.

When someone considers buying one of your homes, it’s because they have a particular dream or lifestyle in mind. Pictures of your homes, drawings that depict certain activities, and photos of the surrounding neighborhoods can all be extremely valuable in setting the right scene.

Emphasize history, quality, and reputation.

Almost anyone buying a brand-new home for the first time is going to have questions about warranties and craftsmanship. Ease their fears by emphasizing quality and showing that your company either has a long history or a focus on dependability. In other words, let them know that you have (or are building) a great reputation they can count on.

Promote events, showings, and new constructions.

No one is going to click “add to cart” and buy your home from a website. So it’s important you promote events like new showings and update current listings along with anticipated dates of completion. Give buyers the information they need to take the next step, whatever that might be.

Custom Homebuilder Web Design

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