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How to Get Your Content Marketing Plan Moving

Every year, millions of people make resolutions they are unlikely to keep. They promise themselves they’ll quit smoking or drinking, drop those few extra pounds, and maybe even train for that marathon they’ve been talking about for years. Of course, we know from surveys that very few will ever stay motivated and follow through past the first couple of days.

Why bring this up? Because the same thing happens in business circles with content marketing. Every year, business owners tell us it’s going to be the year they start posting to their blog, filling up social media accounts, and enjoying the benefits. They just know that they’ll gain the top search spot on Google and become a thought leader in their industry because they have so many great ideas to share.

Content Marketing Plan

Usually, their enthusiasm fades once they get into the hard work of actually creating content. Like getting up for a 5 AM run, it’s something that’s easier to talk about than it is to follow through with.

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to plan and execute a strong content marketing plan, though. You just need to follow the right steps. Here’s how you can make a content strategy and keep it moving forward…

Establish a Goal and Audience

Before you start creating content, you should know who it’s for and what you’re trying to get out of it. In other words, determine your target audience and your marketing goal. For example, we try to reach business owners throughout the Midwest who want more profitable websites. And, we want them to contact us for a meeting when they are ready to get started. You should have the same kind of audience and outcome in mind.

Set an Editorial Schedule

Staring at blank pages, or looking into a video camera with nothing to say, will kill your content marketing plan every time. So, don’t start from scratch. Instead, build an editorial calendar that helps you to plan your posts weeks or months ahead. Decide on big topics and themes, and figure out whether you’ll release written content, video clips, or other kinds of updates. Then, you’ll be able to fill in gaps rather than being forced to come up with new ideas out of thin air every week.

Assign Content Creation and Approval Tasks

It’s one thing to know what kind of content you want to have to market your company, and another to actually generate it. With your editorial calendar in place, you should be able to assign content creation – either to yourself, employees, or even outside vendors – weeks in advance. Then there won’t be any excuses for missed deadlines. Also, be sure you know who will be responsible for approving that content after it’s made, so it won’t end up at the bottom of someone’s inbox when it’s supposed to be posted online.

Batch Your Projects and Find a Rhythm

In the same way that jogging gets easier when it’s a habit rather than a one-time activity, creating content is simpler when you fall into a routine. One way to do that is by batching projects so you have clear space in your schedule to write posts or shoot videos. For a lot of marketers, this is easier than trying to find 30 or 60 minutes a day while dodging various distractions and interruptions.

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If you want to grow your leads and sales using the internet, you’re going to have to invest time or money into a smart online marketing strategy.

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