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Why Content Marketing Matters More in 2022

Content marketing has been crucial to online sales and lead generation for years. However, in 2022 it has become more important than ever. And, we expect that the trend is going to continue for years to come.

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In other words, if you aren’t producing great content regularly, then you’re missing out. In today’s post, let’s look at a few of the reasons why…

Buyers Are Getting More Savvy

There was a time when you could put up a website, optimize for a few keywords, and see buyers flock to your business. In today’s crowded digital world, however, you need your messages to stand out.

That’s where good content marketing comes into play. Not only does producing content get you in front of buyers more often, but the more that you write and shoot the better you get. In other words, consistency brings both quality and results.

Google and Facebook Are the Ultimate Gatekeepers

As the internet gets bigger and bigger, your customers are looking at fewer websites. Why? Because the alternative would be to sift through an overwhelming amount of information.

What this means on a practical level is that you need your business to have a strong presence on Google and Facebook (at a minimum). It’s almost impossible to make that happen unless you embrace the power of content marketing.

You Can’t Buy Your Way to Success Anymore

You could think of this as an extension of our last point. It wasn’t so long ago that impatient marketers could simply pay for huge amounts of traffic to a specific website or landing page. Ads still work, but targeted organic content delivers better insights and a higher ROI.

There’s nothing wrong with supplementing your online marketing plans with ads, or even using paid promotions to boost the reach of your content when it’s released. But you should always be striving to build an organic audience over time because that’s where the real money is.

Your Competitors Are Working Harder

If you weren’t swayed by our other reasons, then realize that your competitors are probably working hard on content marketing themselves.

Every week that you don’t release a blog post, or post a video, you give up ground to another entrepreneur who was just a little bit hungrier. In contrast, having dozens of articles and white papers on your website puts you in the position of being a thought leader in your industry.

Get Expert Help With Your Content Marketing

Newer content marketers almost always think the process of writing posts, finding images, and shooting videos is overwhelming… right up to the point where they get into a rhythm and start to see results. If you need help planning, editing, or writing content we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how easy and affordable it is to get world-class digital marketing strategists on your side.