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Building a Great Senior Living Community Website

Senior communities are everywhere in the real world, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to web design and Internet marketing. Older people and their families definitely use the Internet to research important decisions, however, just as anyone else would.

That makes it important for your senior living community website to stand out. Here are a few great tips you can follow to turn yours into a marketing powerhouse:

Think fun and sophistication. No one wants to spend time in an atmosphere that’s cold, clinical, or depressing, regardless of how young or old they are. Lots of seniors are living fun, sophisticated lives in their communities. Emphasize that, and potential residents will be more excited to check you out.

Recognize that you have several audiences.

It’s a mistake to think that seniors will be the only ones visiting your website (or, on the other hand, that they won’t see your pages at all). Remember that older people have families who love them, and that they are likely to research senior communities together.

Emphasize advantages and amenities.

Often, the decision to choose one senior living community over another comes down to simple things like location and amenities. Market yours with the same kind of details and language you would a piece of residential real estate and visitors will feel more at home.

Keep layouts and descriptions straightforward.

One big fear that seniors and their families share is the idea of getting less than they expected. Try to be as straightforward as you can with your page navigation and descriptions. When things feel transparent, you have an easier time building trust.

Make it easy to learn more. A great senior community website will have lots of frequently asked questions and informational resources. That way, families can get the key details they need early in the process.

Senior Living Website Design

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