Weblinx, Incorporated

Search Engine Marketing

Content and search engine marketing certainly isn’t new, but it’s becoming more important every day. That’s because, as Google changes its algorithms, email subscribers keep getting more selective, and social media followers are hard to come by, it’s great content that separates you from all of your competitors.

Targeted Marketing Program

Weblinx’s Targeted Marketing Program enables you to identify several geographic markets on which to focus your marketing efforts, thereby increasing your rankings in search engine results for searches in those areas. Target markets can range from large states to small towns depending upon the amount of competition within your industry.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a excellent way for new websites to quickly and easily generate sales leads from their website. With Pay Per Click, an advertisement for your business is displayed on a search engine or other popular website. Your business is then charged a small fee each time the ad is clicked by an end-user. Prices vary depending on the amount of competition for the keywords you have chosen.

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