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Launched in June 2007, the Apple iPhone is a multimedia phone with a touch screen and internet access. Applications are available to download though iTunes and the App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Today, the App Store features more than 35,000 applications available in 77 countries. In July 2009, Apple announced that more than 1.5 billion apps had been downloaded from the App Store in the past year.

As of March 2009, 21.4 million iPhones had been sold worldwide. More than 5 million units of the new iPhone 3GS have also been sold since its release in June 2009, leading Apple executives to wonder if supply will be able to satisfy current demand. An additional, 15.6 million iPod Touches have also been sold adding to the power of the growing App Store library.

Why iPhone development is important to you

The iPhone connects your business to an exponentially growing marketplace through applications that strengthen corporate branding and offer an additional source of income.

Through the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can:

  • Sell a business-specific application
  • Establish your business as a leader and innovator for your industry
  • Offer useful information to potential clients that travel or are often on-the-go
  • Increase traffic to your website

How Weblinx will give your app an advantage

Weblinx specializes in brand-building designs and interfaces for iPhone & iPod Touch apps. Attractive, intuitive and highly user-friendly designs will leave your audience wanting more. Weblinx can also create and integrate short movies and animations into your iPhone app that will add an additional experience for the user. We can even convert your web site(s) into iPhone apps!

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