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How to Un-Furlough Your Business Website

As a result of the Covid pandemic, thousands of businesses were forced to suddenly grind to a halt. With revenue drying up and stay-at-home orders in place, many companies simply haven’t had a way to keep moving forward.

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Perhaps your business was one of them. Or, maybe you didn’t formally stop doing business, but found yourself in a position where activities and expenses related to marketing took a backseat. Either way, you might be looking at the prospect of opening your doors fully again – literally or figuratively – and needing to “un-furlough” important parts of your operation.

One of your first steps will be to get your website up to speed. After all, it’s likely to be your main point of contact with buyers who are going through a similar process. Here are some steps you can take to get your business internet presence working again…

Consider Your 2020 Business Strategy

Before deciding what you’re going to do with your business website, it’s important to be clear about where your actual business is headed in the next few months. Are you going to change your mix of products and services in the short-term? Will your advertising need to stress different benefits or advantages than you focused on in the past? Get clear on your goals for making any edits to your website.

Update Pages, Products, and Prices

Once you know how your business will look for the next few months, you should scan your existing site to see what might not fit. In particular, you may have done away with products, promotions, and prices that stopped being valid while you were closed. Or, you may have team members who left the firm. You could have videos or reports that aren’t as relevant as they used to be. This is the time to scan your content and make changes or removals as needed.

Add Timely Notices or Announcements

In the same way that you had content that might need to be removed, there could be other items – and in particular, notices or announcements about changed policies – that have to be added. For example, if your ordering and delivery procedures have changed because of social distancing guidelines, you’ll want customers to know that. It’s much better to take care of these details now.

Chart a Course for Future Expansion

Most companies are facing short-term challenges, but with the assumption that life and business will return to normal at some point in the future. Think about what that might look like in your business and envision future updates or changes that can roll out in stages. Then, you’ll have a template for gradual expansion and content changes that will be thought out ahead of time. Mapping this course out will prevent you from overlooking little details as you get back into full swing.

Need Help Bringing Your Business Website Back to Life?

This is a strange and unprecedented time for business owners across the country. However, we think times like these give us a chance to show off our creativity and value. If you’re looking for actionable advice you can use to move your business forward in 2020, contact Weblinx today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!