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Plumbing Company Website Design

One of the greatest things about working in our industry is that every month brings a new set of challenges. Every business is different, and every client’s situation is unique.

As a result, we get to work with lots of different types of companies and professionals, getting to learn a bit about what they do and how they spend their days. Recently, we’ve gotten the opportunity to take on web design for a handful of plumbers.

plumbing company web design

In the process, we asked ourselves: what would the perfect plumber website look like? Here are a handful of tips we can pass along…

Geography is a Big Deal on a Plumber Website

Often, customers will choose a plumber that’s close to home. That’s especially true if they have an urgent need for someone to respond quickly. So, you should definitely have an address listed on your plumber website, along with the areas or neighborhoods you serve. Then, potential customers can figure out if you’re a good fit based on proximity. Also, it’s easier to rank in Google’s search listings if search spiders can understand where your business is located.

Plumbing Company Websites Should Have Phone Numbers That Are Easy to Find

When building a website for a plumber, it’s hard to have a phone number that is answered at all hours displayed too often. Several of the plumbers we’ve worked with in the past have told us that many of their best and most lucrative jobs have come from exasperated home and business owners who bring them up in the middle of the night. The easier it is for people to reach you, the less likely they are to keep looking through Google.

Verifiable Customer Reviews Can Be a Big Boost to Sales

When someone is looking for a plumber they want to work with a professional who is competent, responsive, and honest. But, they may not know enough about plumbing (or the problem they are having) to make an informed decision. So, they have to rely on feedback from other customers. Posting testimonials on your website is a good start, but if you really want to boost sales, include links to all those great reviews you have from Yelp and Angie’s List.

A Plumbing Website Design Should Have Photos and Bios

You might not think your photo and bio matter very much, but your residential customers would disagree. They could be wary of having anyone they don’t know enter their home. By including a little bit about yourself on your plumber website, you can help build a sense of trust and make customers feel more comfortable about calling you for assistance. Besides, everyone likes to work with others they like and trust, so why not give website visitors a couple of sentences about yourself and your background?

Need Help With Your Plumbing Company Website?

At Weblinx, we have worked with many plumbers over the years to improve websites, establish strong online reputations, and keep their phones ringing with new leads. If that’s the kind of web design and internet marketing assistance you’re looking for, contact us today at 630-551-0334 x1 to see what we can do for you!