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PhotoSketch – Amazing Photo Recognition Software

PhotoSketch is a technology in development which is an amazing piece of software, but does it have any practical uses?

PhotoSketch allows the user to draw or “sketch” using their mouse or Wacom Tablet anything that comes to their mind. You then label the different elements you have drawn and the software scans an archive of photos that are tagged with the same name and also resemble the sketch that is drawn. Check out the video to get a better idea:

While this does look fun to play with and see if it works like the above demo, does it have any practical use? Will designers use this to help their visions come to reality? For that to happen PhotoSketch would have to partner with a major stock photography company so that high resolution images can selected and purchased by the designer. Perhaps a site like Flickr could use this technology in order to draw in more users. Without a solid partner PhotoSketch would also have to step in the realm of stock photography and battle established sites such as iStockPhoto.com and Photos.com which would be a hard fought battle since they would be starting up with very little.

If you have any thoughts on how this software can be used please share them below.