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4 Reasons to Incorporate Interactive Media in Your Website

Are you satisfied with having an average business website, or do you wish yours was something special that could help you stand out in the minds of new customers and clients?

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If you’re like most of the business owners or executives we work with, you’re looking at business web design because you want to give yourself a competitive edge. What you might not realize is that interactive media – online animations, games, and even audio or video clips – can give you the easy and inexpensive advantage you’re looking for.

Why add things like custom web programming, drone videos, or animated design tools to your pages? Let’s look at four simple reasons…

#1 Media Makes Your Messaging Stand Out

Psychological researchers have shown that the human mind can process things like images and video hundreds of times faster than text. So, while the writing on your website is always going to be important for sales and SEO purposes, it pays to express your best ideas in a number of formats.

In many cases you only have a few seconds to win the attention of a searcher or prospect. Doesn’t it make sense to maximize your opportunity with the types of tools and content they prefer?

#2 Interactive Media Can Be a Strong Sales Tool

Even taking away the fact that tools and visuals are more memorable than written content, interactive media is also important because it can show off features in ways that product and service descriptions can’t.

Things like product sizes and features, different service options, or customizable quotes are easier to understand when they are presented using videos, animations, or user-driven exercises. The more complex or detailed options you have, the more valuable interactive media becomes to your company and its customers.

#3 Online Engagement Is a Good Thing

These days, a simple business website is a lot like an online brochure. It can help you generate interest and sales when customers are already engaged but won’t do a lot to convince them to take the next step on its own.

With interactive media, though, your website stops being something buyers look at and turns into a tool they can use to become more comfortable with your business, brand, and solutions. Having buyers spend more time in your site, watching videos and using your tools, the easier it’s going to be to convince them to work with you.

#4 It’s Easy to Add Something Special to Your Website

Most businesspeople intuitively understand just how valuable the first three benefits are. They’ve all used interactive media themselves and aren’t surprised that analytics reflect the effectiveness of these sales and marketing tools. Their only hesitation in implementing them revolves around cost and effort.

With in-house video and programming capabilities, though, a team like ours can help you take advantage of the latest trends without breaking your marketing budget. In other words, you can put these tools to work quickly, easily, and affordably.

Want to Learn More About Interactive Media?

Don’t worry if you aren’t up to speed on topics like interactive media and web development. You don’t have to be – our team of business growth experts can help you maximize the ROI you get from your business website. Why not contact Weblinx today at 630-551-0334 x1 to learn more about what we can do for your company?